Farm Implement Products

Guenthenspberger Farms sells a variety of commodity crops and specialty fruits and vegetables, but we also sell a range of farm implements for your farm or garden.

Used farm implements available from Guenthenspberger Farm

2011 Farm King 6640 Grain Vac

In like new condition, this blower/vac includes the hose kit and the optional gauges. The Farm King 6640 has seen very little use.



To learn more about the Farm King 6640, check out the overview and features pages.


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Our growing practices

Many people think that organic farming means "no chemicals" are ever used.  In fact, organic growers can and do use chemicals on their products; however, these chemicals typically are those found in nature (with the exception of copper).  Most organic farms are very small growers located in hot and dry areas where pests naturally are limited.  Growing organic produce here in Indiana simply is not feasible economically on a large scale.  Guenthenspberger Farms uses chemicals only when necessary, and we carefully follow all labeled precautions.  We use only those chemicals approved for the specific pest and crop.  We also take full advantage of integrated pest management technology to reduce the need for insecticides and fungicides.

Without chemicals, the food you take home would be of poor quality and there would be less to take home.  Most organic farms are very small growers located in hot and dry areas where pests are limited anyway.  Growing organic produce here in Indiana is simply not feasible.  Although we recommend that you wash your produce before eating it, the ordinary contaminants you might carry on your hands when you pick the produce (germs, dirt, yucky stuff from your steering wheel) are a greater concern the anything you might find on the fruit.