Farm Implement Products

Guenthenspberger Farms sells a variety of commodity crops and specialty fruits and vegetables, but we also sell a range of farm implements for your farm or garden.

Farm implements available from Guenthenspberger Farm

Precision Planting/Fertilizer Units

Delivers big planter features for small acreage or gardens


MultiFlex Design for Precision Planting

Since the seed opener operates independently from press wheels it rides over rocks without damage at normal speeds--and without lifting the press wheel off the ground.  You maintain seed planting depth except for the area of the rock and you maintain good seed metering since the press wheel does not lose track.

No Seed Damage with Gravity-Drop Hopper

  • Seeds feed under seed partition

  • Seeds are picked up as the seed plate turns.  Excess seed falls back.

  • Seeds drop through opening through the gentle action of gravity.  No brushes, knockers or fingers to damage seeds

  • Spout delivers accurately metered seeds one at a time to Deep Vee sword opener for placement.

Gravity-drop, inclined plate hopper delivers accurate plant population.

Deep Vee Opener for Good Germination

Deep Vee seed opener promotes fast germination, early emergence and uniform stands that harvest more easily. 

  • Deep Vee sword cuts smooth, even seed trench and draws moisture to seed bed.

  • Seeds are placed to uniform depth because seeds are trapped at the same depth in the Deep Vee

  • Fertilizer is placed to the side of the seedbed where young roots will find early nourishment, but not before they are vigorous enough to stand the fertilizer.

  • Press wheel firms the soil around the seeds, but leaves a loose zone directly over the seed to ease emergence.  Air is eliminated from the seedbed.

Seeds are placed at uniform depth in moist soil, firmly covered with no air in the seedbed and loose soil zone over the seeds. 

Quality Features Mean Top Stands

The design of the 12 MX MultiFlex Planting System is based upon many years of experience of designing and building precision see planters and fertilizer distributors.  The 12 MX is equipped with four distance gears for a wide selection of crops and planting distances and four seed plates as standard equipment:

  • Medium Flat Corn Plate  --  12 Cell
  • Soybean / Field Pea Plate  --  42 Cell
  • Milo / Sorghum /Okra Plate  --  16 Cell
  • Pea / Bean Plate  --  8 Cell


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Our growing practices

Many people think that organic farming means "no chemicals" are ever used.  In fact, organic growers can and do use chemicals on their products; however, these chemicals typically are those found in nature (with the exception of copper).  Most organic farms are very small growers located in hot and dry areas where pests naturally are limited.  Growing organic produce here in Indiana simply is not feasible economically on a large scale.  Guenthenspberger Farms uses chemicals only when necessary, and we carefully follow all labeled precautions.  We use only those chemicals approved for the specific pest and crop.  We also take full advantage of integrated pest management technology to reduce the need for insecticides and fungicides.

Without chemicals, the food you take home would be of poor quality and there would be less to take home.  Most organic farms are very small growers located in hot and dry areas where pests are limited anyway.  Growing organic produce here in Indiana is simply not feasible.  Although we recommend that you wash your produce before eating it, the ordinary contaminants you might carry on your hands when you pick the produce (germs, dirt, yucky stuff from your steering wheel) are a greater concern the anything you might find on the fruit.